LPN Weekly - 8/12/2013

Score of 61 Wins Forward Tee Open

The Forward Tee Open Aug. 6 saw 36 four-person teams in competition. The event began 14 years ago as a way for LPN women golfers to celebrate the completion of the forward tee boxes.

A score of 61 took first place in the championship flight. The field was made up of about two-thirds non-members and one-third LPN members. Still, the names of LPN members were prominent when the top three places in four flights were announced. See the results summary here.

2013 Ryder Cup Results

The annual Irv Gerlich Memorial Ryder Cup took place this past weekend, led by team captains Kevin Wood and John Bruckshaw. After three days of competition, Wood's team was declared the winner with a point total of 48 1/4 compared to Bruckshaw's team point total of 43 3/4.

The 2014 team captains were announced at the end of Sunday night’s award banquet. They will be Jack Beavers and Ed McCollom.

An LPN employee shootout was held Friday evening with the team of Justin Smool and Dave Thompson taking first place, followed by the team of Austin Moore and LeRoy Oxley in second. Saturday's shootout winners were Bud Lester and Jaron Smool, with the team of Jay Watts and Dave Thompson taking second place.

Full Field for Brokers International, Ltd. Iowa Open

A pro-am tournament is Thursday. The main event begins Friday at 8 a.m. Everyone will play both Friday and Saturday. Sunday’s final round will be limited to the top 70 players and ties.

Players will be introduced each morning on the first tee box, and as they arrive on the 18th green the final day. An awards ceremony will be held on the 18th green as soon as the final group has played inon Sundayand the winner determined.

Iowa Open Volunteer Instructions

All volunteers who signed up to assist during the Brokers International, Ltd. Iowa Open should have received their schedule and instructions by now. If not, contact volunteer coordinators Ed McCollom at 515-314-5000 or Kathy De Lucca at 641-755-3116.

Volunteers are asked to report to the Volunteer Tent, located near the pro shop, at least 15 minutes prior to their assigned start time. There they will receive a ticket for lunch that day, and arrangements made to get them to their location.

Those who have volunteered in the past are asked to wear their Iowa Open shirt and cap or visor. A few shirts are available for NEW volunteers only. There still is a need for additional volunteers both Friday and Saturday afternoon. Contact McCollom or De Lucca for more information, or to volunteer for an additional shift.

Sadie Hawkins Couples August 23

The next Friday Couples will be August 23, beginning at 5:30 p.m. This is the 8th annual Sadie Hawkins Couples tournament, which means a woman must invite a man other than her husband to be her partner for this golf event. The format is a two-person best shot. Couples sign up in the pro shop as a twosome, and may request to play with another team.

The entry fee is $10 per two-person team for LPN members, and $70 for non-members. More information, including a list of recent winners, is on the LPN website here.

Sign Up for LPN News on Website

The LPN website now makes it easy for people to sign up to receive regular news from Lake Panorama National. There are two options available. This LPN Weekly e-newsletter is distributed at the beginning of each week, and includes details of upcoming events, plus brief reports on the previous week. The LPN News option will bring subscribers “news as it happens” throughout the week.

To subscribe, click on the black SUBSCRIBE TO NEWS button on any of the LPN website pages. You will be asked to enter your first and last names, an email address, select your news choices and click on “Subscribe to list.”

This new method allows both LPN members and non-members to receive regular news updates at multiple email addresses. It also cuts down on staff time keeping the email list current, and reduces the amount of spam received by LPN email list administrators.

Upcoming Events

August 15: Brokers International, Ltd Iowa Open PRO-AM
August 16-18: Brokers International, Ltd Iowa Open
August 22: 14th Annual LPN Solheim Kickoff
August 23: 8th Annual Sadie Hawkins Couples
August 25: 14th Annual LPN Solheim
August 28: Men's League Shoot Out
September 5: Women's League Shoot Out


August 12: Front 9 Closed after 5:30 p.m.
August 13: Course Blocked from 9:30 – 11:45 a.m.
August 15: Course Closed for Brokers International, Ltd. Iowa Open
August 16: Course Closed for Brokers International, Ltd. Iowa Open
August 17: Course Closed for Brokers International, Ltd. Iowa Open
August 17: Dining Room Closed (Seating in Lounge Only)
August 18: Course Closed until 4:30 p.m. foBrokers International, Ltd. Iowa Open
August 22: Dining Room Closed in Evening
August 31: Dining Room Closed in Evening