Junior Golf at Lake Panorama National continues to be successful thanks to the help from LPN members, organizations and businesses whose contributions are invaluable to the success of the program. Guthrie County State Bank and Lake Panorama Association have contributed greatly to our programs.

The Lake Panorama National Pro Shop carries a variety of golf equipment for junior golfers. We are a partner with U.S. Kids Golf — the No. 1 Brand in junior golf worldwide. We also stock junior equipment from Wilson Sports. We use a fitting method to ensure juniors have the right length of golf clubs. In addition to clubs, we sell gloves, golf shoes and many other accessories for the junior golfer.

Don’t hesitate to call the Pro Shop if you have any questions regarding Junior Golf at LPN.

"Kids don't care what you know, until they know that you care."
- Gary Babcock, PGA


Golf Membership

LPN offers memberships to juniors under age 18. A junior membership is not required if parents purchase a family golf membership at either of our golf courses.


Golf Lessons

Our PGA Professionals offer one-on-one 30 minute lessons to juniors for $35. Call the pro shop at (641) 755-2024 to schedule.

Golf School

2019 Golf School

Junior Golf School provides basic instruction from our PGA Professionals and LPN Staff. Open to juniors ages 5 to 17. Juniors will enjoy golf instruction along with golf etiquette. For more information about our Junior Golf School, contact the LPN Pro Shop (641) 755-2024.


2019 League

There is a junior golf league for LPN members at 5 p.m. every Monday beginning June 3 and running through August 5. There is no cost for this league, and open to boys and girls of all skill levels are welcome. The number of holes played will depend on time and skill level. For more information about the junior golf league, contact the LPN Pro Shop at (641) 755-2024.

Tournament History

Tournament History


Iowa Pee Wee Tour Event

Boys Past Champions:

2018: Sam Brossam, Atlantic
2017: Zachary Hoffman, Ankeny
2016: Easton Korell, New Sharon
2015: Tommy Stroud, West Des Moines
2014: Will Kramer, West Des Moines
2013: Tommy Weissenburger, Clive
2012: Nick Pittman, Urbandale
2011: Will Babcock, Panora
2010: George Appleseth, Panora
2009: Jordan Eng, Grimes
2008: Zach Dreier, Manning
2007: Chris Sturdivent, West Des Moines
2006: Ian Kelly, Cedar Rapids

Girls Past Champions:

2018: Adalyn Beiter, Carroll
2017: Avery Lewis, Ankeny
2016: Hallie Yates, West Des Moines
2015: Rylee Heyford, Newton
2014: Erika Holmberg, Bettendorf
2013: Paige Hoffman, West Des Moines
2012: Sammy Jahde, Anita
2011: Brooke Boardman, Waukee
2010: Paige Seiser, Waukee
2009: Paige Seiser, Waukee
2008: Jaelyn Waddle, Panora
2007: Courtney Leinen, Harlan
2006: Cassie Wang, West Des Moines


Iowa Junior Tour Eagle Point Event

Boys Past Champions:

2018: Kolby Shackelford, Panora
2017: Will Babcock, Panora
2016: Kolby Shackelford, Panora
2015: Blake Hartung, Pleasant Hill
2014: Brody Boston, Dallas Center
2013: Sam Rice, Pleasant Hill
2012: Austin Moore, Panora
2011: Tanner Randall, West Des Moines
2010: Jack Raibikis, Des Moines
2009: Jack Raibikis, Des Moines

Girls Past Champions:

2018: Morgan Nuss, New Hampton
2017: Katelyn Mardis, Waukee
2016: Shannyn Vogler, Sherrard, IL
2015: Shannyn Vogler, Moline, IL
2014: Brooke Boardman, Waukee
2013: Danielle Duerschmidt, West Des Moines
2012: Emily Elliott, Grinnell
2011: Susie Bylund, Audubon
2010: Kenzie Rottinghaus, Urbandale
2009: Mackenzie Watts, Huxley


LPN MEMBERS ONLY - Ages 7 to 15

Past Champions:

2017:  Kolby Shackelford
2016:  Kolby Shackelford
2015:  Kolby Shackelford
2014:  Kolby Shackelford
2013:  George Appleseth
2012: George Appleseth
2011: Will Babcock
2010: Will Babcock
2009: Jordan Eng
2008: Jordan Eng
2007: Tate Carey
2006: Matt Mikkelsen
2005: Jaron Smool
2004: Justin Smool
2003: Justin Smool
2002: Tony Wang



Old Guns:

2018: Larry & Mike Kleinwolterink

Young Guns:

2018: Trevor & Trey Boettcher

Golf Cart Policy

Golf Cart Policy


LPN Owned Golf Carts

  1. Juniors must have valid drivers license

  2. Juniors must be 16 years old

Privately Owned Golf Carts with Current Year Trail Fee Sticker

  1. Juniors must be at least 14 years old.

  2. Juniors must have a valid drivers permit to operate the cart on golf course property.

  3. Juniors under 14 may be granted privileges to operate cart on golf course as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Parents must be the owner of the golf cart.

  • The golf cart must have a current year trail fee sticker.

  • Signed approval form from parents and documented and filed in Pro Shop (annually)

  • Approval from the Head Golf Professional.

  • Attended annual Golf Cart Safety/Etiquette Training provided by the Head Golf Professional.