The beginnings of Lake Panorama can be traced to 1931, when building a dam near Panora on the Middle Raccoon River was discussed. More than three decades later, the first by-laws of the Lake Panorama Association were approved. Dam construction began in 1969, and Lake Panorama filled in 1970.

Plans for the Lake Panorama development included two golf courses, one on each side of the lake. Richard Watson was hired to design both. The result was the 18-hole Lake Panorama National on the east, and the 9-hole Panorama West, both of which opened in 1971.

Today Lake Panorama is the largest private lake in Iowa, and the Lake Panorama Association represents more than 1,750 property owners.

Both golf courses are owned by the association, managed by Lake Panorama National, and open to the public for annual memberships and daily play. Each course offers its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Come see for yourself!