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General Information

The state of Iowa prohibits any alcoholic beverages being brought to or taken from the Resort premises. Lake Panorama National Resort has a full bar and can provide a variety of styles of service from a self-service bar to a fully attended bar. Special orders are available, but advance notification is required to insure proper delivery. No food or beverage items purchased outside the Resort are permitted in the function rooms. Exceptions include the special “theme” baked goods such as wedding cakes, etc. with prior consent.

Insurance and Indemnifications

Guests and members shall indemnify and hold the Resort and its affiliates harmless from any and all claims, suits, losses, damages, and expenses on account of injury to any party in connection with the function or resulting from damage or destruction of any Resort property by quests or any attendee of the function of the Resort premise.  Liability for damage will be charged accordingly.


Your bill will be forwarded to you after your event and is payable within 30 days of receipt. In the event the statement is not paid within 30 days, a late charge or 1.5% per month will accrue on the outstanding bill.

Reservations and Guarantees

In order for LPN to prepare the correct amount of food and have enough seating, the number of people attending the event is required 72 hours in advance of the event. In the event the Conference Center does not receive a firm guarantee 48 hours in advance, the approximate or last count received will constitute the guaranteed number. The Conference Center reserves the right to reassign rooms or change setup requirements in the event your numbers change from the original arrangements. Guarantees should be given to John Dinnebier at 1-800-879-1917. Tax-exempt organizations must supply sales tax exemption certificates to the Conference Center.

Take Down

Any displays or materials placed in the Conference Center for use during a private function must be removed from the premises either that evening or the following day. The Conference Center accepts no responsibility for loss or damage occurring to such materials or displays.

Shipping and Receiving

When shipping materials to the Resort in advance of your event, please be sure the event name and date are clearly indicated on the outside of the package(s) and direct them to:

Lake Panorama National Resort
5071 Clover Ridge Road
Panora, IA 50216

If you let us know you are sending materials, we can confirm their arrival.